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In this new digital post-pandemic age, entertainment and the arts are finding new and innovative ways to reach their audiences. Warren Peterson a friend of mine, has created a particularly new and exciting platform for musicians to perform worldwide via the web. The name of his platform is Virtuosica, https://virtuosica.com/

Imagine if you will a bride and groom who want a particular singer or band to perform at their wedding. That singer may be located in another part of the world but through Virtuosica his or her performance can be streamed “Live” to the event. Maybe the couple would like a string quartet for the ceremony and the singer and band for the reception. Both groups can sign up for these opportunities on the Virtuosica web site.

Imagine an up and coming singer/songwriter who wants to reach a global audience. He/She sells tickets on the Virtuosica platform and hold events for fans all over the world. 

Warren elaborates, “Our Platform is a virtual live music club or concert house where audiences and artists can come together and figure out their own custom shows, what their unique requirements are, what the pricing model is and what their contracts look like.”

Warren is both a concert pianist trained at Julliard and an IT expert. 

“I grew up performing in piano competitions and solo concerts. In 2017 I began broadcasting on Youtube. I created a show called “Viva Virtuoso” I had different musical guests of notoriety every month, we would play repertoire, do interviews and our viewers could interact with us online”

Unlike Youtube, Virtuosica is dedicated to music performance. Also unlike Youtube and other streaming sites Virtuosica is already pre-cleared of all possible music licensing conflicts. Your performance won’t get shut down just because you play a “cover” song. 

Warren adds, “Our licensing covers all our live events. We have agreements with both ASCAP and BMI.”

It certainly is a new age and musicians are increasingly acquiring the equipment to stream their performances online. Warren uses OBS, an open source broadcasting software package.

“I have Multiple cameras via HDMI cables out to a channel switcher. I add automation on top of that to switch camera angles.  I can program different Macros or apply different filters to the picture. I also can do split screens when I’m singing and playing at the same time.”

Warren’s setup might be every steaming artist’s dream, Fortunately putting a small system together has become more cost effective. One can get started with just a simple web cam and audio microphones routed through a lap top.

Streaming platforms may sound a bit far fetched for live music performances but think about the potential of attracting a global audience versus just playing in local bars or restaurants in your area. Increasingly I feel musicians will supplement their income opportunities with live streaming gigs. 

Warren explains, “Musician’s coined the term “gig” before the gig-economy was a reality for the rest of the world. My dream for musicians is to further enhance their opportunities through the technology that is available today. “Virtuosica can take you all the way from marketing to performance to payout.” When you think of this concept on a global basis vs. a local basis you open up all kinds of possibilities.”

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