Rene Merideth

COO of Exploration,

When You-Tube began back in 2005 I didn’t think much of it. It was all homemade crummy videos that did not appeal to me. By 2012 the videos and channels were becoming more sophisticated and were capturing a larger audience. I began to see uses of my music in ads and videos posted. Well by 2020 more than 500 hours of content are uploaded to You Tube every minute! And I’m starting to receive even more impressive royalties.. OK we’re going somewhere!

My friend Rene Merideth is the co-founder and COO of Exploration, Her company tracks music use on YouTube for songwriters, composers, Publishers and Music Libraries. She maintains an office right here in downtown Culver City.

Her company maintains a data base of their client’s music and with special software tracks uses of that music, directly paying it’s owners. 

Rene explains, “At Exploration we don’t have any big investors breathing down our necks. Our songwriters and publishers are our bosses. We help our clients navigate the maze of YouTube monetization.”

Rene began the company back in 2014 with her partner, Rugby player and software architect Aaron Davis. 

“I was working at Adshare at the time, tracking a lot of music on YouTube. They called me the “YouTube Girl”  Rene laughs. I told myself if I’m working this hard maybe I should be working for myself!” 

Aaron Davis saw the potential and designed a new tool to accurately track music on the YouTube platform. Aaron and Rene began the business with 15 clients, today they have over 380!

Rene has a long history of working in Music Publishing, from beginning her career at Windswept Publishing and Bug Music to Director of Music Licensing at BMG. Her path in music began in Missouri helping her grandfather musician with his touring gospel group. Her passion for the industry led her to attend the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville and earn a Music Business degree.

Rene’s love of great music, music artists and songwriters fuels her energy to advocate for them.

“I’ve always wanted to be a voice for Songwriters. When people want to f%$# with artists and songwriters I get really loud!”

Rene’s other passion is Janie’s Fund Janie’s fund lends a hand to abused and neglected young girls.

Rene explains, “Abuse and neglect is something I’ve experienced myself as a child. I was lucky to get myself out of the crazy. When young girls “age” out of foster care at 18, they often have nowhere to go. Janie’s Fund is here to help support these young women into getting counseling, getting a job, paying rent and perhaps even applying and attending college. When I hear the song “Janie’s Got a Gun” by Aerosmith it’s hard for me to listen. But I know that song is doing a world of good. I’m honored and blessed to work with Janie’s fund and get these girls the help they need!”

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