John Paterno Audio Engineer/Producer/Mixer


A few weeks ago I was mixing a project…My friend John Paterno, an amazing Audio engineer/producer and mixer came by to lend his ears. He took me through several ideas for the mix utilizing some cool EQ techniques. His ears are finely tuned to the frequencies of the sonic spectrum. We sat down and experimented with trying to create a place for each of the instruments to “sit”, add little “air” here, a little “Low Mids” there… He took me through his process tweak by tweak and really opened my mind up to what a great mix is all about.
Since that meeting (and a few others) I’m a lot more tuned in to what I want to accomplish in a mix. By creating sonic space for certain instruments you don’t have to push them as hard volume-wise. Sure! I already knew that!!…but he pushed me way deeper down that “Rabbit Hole”.. and.. got me thinking seriously about what frequencies were just unnecessary…It’s very subtle stuff really. The truth is my ears were ready for it, I just needed his expertise to bring it out of me.
So now after those sessions, I feel I’m more in control of how I mix. Everything feels a bit more obvious; which makes it feel a bit easier.. Listen.. I’m the type of Composer/Producer who creates music quickly.. I usually don’t have the time to hire someone to mix it, it’s up to me.. But when I sharpen my skills on the sonic end it really brings out so much more of the dynamics and emotion that I’m trying to express.
JP also is very familiar with UAD Plugin’s and the Apollo UAD Quad audio interface I just bought.. (way cool by the way)! He helped me set it up and got me going quickly..
In this age of laptop studios and DIY productions I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your eye on the final representation of your musical creations.. A bit of homework and experimenting on your part goes a long way toward finding that edge..
By the way…Here’s a cool article on JP using UAD plugins..( Now some of my favorites!) ( Those and Izotope plugs)

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