Alternate Tunings

Yo fellow Guitar Players! I recently finished a slew of solo Acoustic Guitar tunes for Megatrax. It was hard work !! Not only playing but writing for the Acoustic Guitar. Trying to fill up the space with one instrument is a daunting task.. I found some Alternate tunings that worked really well.. They not only open up the sound of the instrument.. but force you into harmonies and melodies you might not go to in standard tuning. The first and foremost of course would be DADGAD. A fairly easy tuning to get in touch with. It just took fooling around with it for a few days and I fell into some cool stuff..!! Another I used was DADF#AD. Almost the same as DADGAD but now an open D chord. This tuning I’ve used in the past with Slide Guitar. My newest tuning that I’ve gotten a kick out of is CGCGCD. Really Beautiful !! Super open sound and a lot of really interesting voicings. It’s nice to have those fifth intervals in there. (More similar to a Mandolin, GDAE)

Here’s a tune for that project with that tuning.. ( actually I think it’s that tuning relationship up a half step starting with C#)

Hope you like it…


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